RAC / Kele / MNDR — Let Go

Not so long ago almost every proper indie hit had a remix made by RAC or Remix Artist Collective. This American trio has been operating with a formidable work ethic and productivity in the last few years, creating more than a hundred remixes for many different artists. However, although they had not disappeared completely, the stream of new remixes from them has been a bit slower lately. The reason behind that, most likely, is the release of their debut EP, titled Don’t Talk To, which we can expect this autumn. Although a few of their original tracks have been floating around the web for a while, I’d say that the recently released Let Go is the first real taste of what to expect from the said EP. In the making of it, RAC have enlisted the help of Bloc Party’s Kele as well as MNDR (by the way, RAC have remixed both of them) both of whom provide the vocals here, and it sounds like the best of each one of them is melted together in this track. It starts with a groovy bass guitar part (which sounds very charachteristic to RAC) and soft electronic beats, adding Kele’s usually melancholic vocals, while MNDR steps in with a chorus that could probably bring loads of parties to their climax. The end result is something so feet-movingly great, that I will be surprised if this doesn’t become an instant indie disco anthem.


This content was originally published in Latvian in the Tracks To Hear This Week feature at eRoks.lv.


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