Los Campesinos! — What Death Leaves Behind

It hasn’t even been two years since the release of their fourth album Hello Sadness, but the witty Welshmen (and women) of Los Campesinos! have returned this week with a new track, as well as an announcement of a new album. Although they have experienced some line-up changes since their last record (which is actually relatively normal for this band), it’s not like anything has radically changed in their music, making them unrecognisable. What Death Leaves Behind sounds quite typical for a Los Campesinos! song, including the amusing lyrics that we’re used to hear from them. As always, the lyrics are full with colourful quotes, but quite hard to decipher. I perceived it as making analogies between death and love (while throwing a few football references in the middle as well), but I can’t be sure that I’ve hit the bullseye with that. However, the most important thing here is not finding the meaning of the song’s lyrics, but the fact that, even after four albums and quite a few line-up changes, Los Campesinos! are still as exciting as they were in the very beginning of their journey.


This content was originally published in Latvian in the weekly Tracks To Hear This Week feature at eRoks.lv.


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