Anna Calvi – Eliza

The world is full of great musicians, but, from time to time, someone appears that seems somewhat more unique than the others. One of the artists that I would add to this category is the charming British singer-songwriter Anna Calvi, who mostly stands out because of her voice. In a time when there’s no shortage of different female divas, Calvi’s low and powerful voice distinguishes her from the others. If you add in a great songwriting talent and the ability to include a wide spectre of emotion in her music, the end result is something that definitely deserves a great deal of attention and admiration. She already proved it with her first album (not everyone gets nominated for a Mercury award), and she will try to secure her reputation with her sophomore album One Breath, which will be released this autumn. Similarly to the strongest moments of her debut, it’s first single Eliza has the ability to completely swipe the listener away with the song. At the moment when the track reaches it’s peak, it feels like her voice grabs you by your *ahem* hand and doesn’t let it go. And if that’s not a demonstration of the power of music, I don’t know what is.


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