Album Of The Month: Washed Out — Paracosm

It seems that in Washed Out‘s case the third time really has been a charm. Although I did find some parts of his first two serious releases – The Life of Leisure EP and the debut full-length Within and Without – rather enjoyable, both of them failed to leave a strong impression on me as a whole. However, as you might have noticed, I am selecting the next one – Paracosm – as my album of the month. How did it happen? I honestly have no idea. What I mean by that is that it’s not like his music has been radically changed, it’s just some small details that have. It just seems like he has managed to find the right balance to his sound, making it easier to perceive his record as a whole, instead of noticing just a few successful tracks and it seems like those small details have played the biggest role in that. Most of all it’s, the fact that it sounds less lo-fi than before, which in turn makes the arrangements seem more detailed, developing Washed Out’s sound. And another small detail, that has made his music sound even more enjoyable, is the slight taste of psychedelia which gives Paracosm a bit of pleasant weirdness. The feeling I was left with after listening to it was as if his previous records have been toned in sepia or portrayed in the colours of a Polaroid (matching Washed Out’s visual image at the time), while Paracosm reveals Washed Out in it’s full splendour And I’m not only saying it because of the colourful video that accompanied Don’t Give Up.


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