Hey! I’m Lauris and I’m the one who writes here. This website was originally created as a practice court for developing my music writing skills in my native language, but, after joining the collective of writers at eroks.lv, it became obsolete, so it was completely inactive for a while. However, at some point I realised that it might be a good idea to start writing in English as well, so that’s what I’m gonna do here from now on. Almost all of the stuff that I write in Latvian for eRoks will also be translated to English by myself and posted here. Hopefully it will turn out to be useful and not a complete waste of time (that’s what I keep telling myself).
And another thing – the same as it was originally, this website is still just a place for me to practice, so, if for some reason you read the stuff that’s posted here, don’t be too harsh on me (constructive criticism is welcome, of course). Although I’m quite sure that doing this will make me improve, so you won’t even have a reason to do that. Or maybe it won’t, but let’s try to be positive here, alright?

A bit about myself:

/Latvian, but living in London (as if that even matters in the Internet age)/
/A very diverse taste in music (no, really)/
/My Twitter acount/
/My last.fm account/
/And here’s the Latvian website I write for – eroks.lv/

By the way, the domain name of this site (klausos) means “I’m listening (to)” in Latvian, which was a lot more fitting when I was writing here in Latvian, but I was just too lazy to come up with a new name, so I left it the same.

Oh, yeah, and the picture in the design was taken from here.


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